RYME SESSION (Spelling? I swear I’m not retarded)

Notice how I crossed out Pacific and put Atlantic. Nice save, Me from the past

Airports blow. It’s science

Yes, me and my Jewish feet are going to write down everything you say Ty. Perhaps in Yiddish even

Jesse dismisses my journal’s prowess. I’m not sure what Marvin the Martian or the alien guy have to do with Europe 

Jesse and I draw friends and try to guess who they are. Our token black and Asian friends would be offended by the visual generalizations

They have decent milk in Europe. What a cultured observation. Rubbish

I almost died that day. Scottish weather ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

Condiments and architecture. Ironically that’s the name of my Rolling Stones cover band

Witherspoon’s was a broke British version of Applebee’s 

Nessie is an elusive cunt. Seagull’s are accurate with their feces

On Black pudding and the wisdom of cigarettes

Colin Powell: black?

Things you do to pass the time during a 4 hour train ride… If it were 5 hours we might have rated animals by deadliness